July - Aug 2024 Class Schedule

09:00Private 1:1Private 1:1
11:00TOWER - BBINTM MAT11:15 S&C
12:00Private 1:1 OVER 50S MIXED EQPT
14:00PRE/POST MEQPTPrivate 1:1
19:30TOWER - BEG

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When you avail of 5 to 10 class bundles!

*BEG = Beginner
*BB = Beyond Basics
*INTM = Intermediate 
*S&C = Strength & Conditioning 
*ME = Mixed Equipment


Frequently Asked Questions
What should I bring to the studio?

All you need is comfortable workout gear – no loose clothing, grippy socks for the equipment, a water bottle and have your hair tied back. Loose clothing and loose/long hair may get caught in the equipment so it’s important to have it tied back. Normal socks cannot be worn on the equipment as they are too slippy.

If you are a complete beginner, we always recommend you do a 1:1 private session so that the instructor can discuss your health and wellbeing, and your goals and then do an assessment on your body and your specific needs, creating a specific plan for your body. It is also a good opportunity to introduce you to the different Pilates apparatus. Then, any class which begins with “beginner” is the one for you. At Powerhouse Pilates we have beginner reformer, beginner tower and beginner mat classes which cater for people who have never done Pilates before. The pre/postnatal mixes equipment classes and mixed equipment classes are also designed to cater for complete beginners.


Beginner – for complete beginners
Beyond Basics – for people who have done a number of beginner classes and are ready to take on more of a challenge. Intermediate/Advanced – for people who have gone through both beginner and beyond basics and know they are ready to be really challenged.
*Please ensure you do not book beyond basics or intermediate/advanced until you have
done a number of beginners classes*

The equipment classes were created to add resistance to the class by using springs. This helps to target specific weaknesses and we use specific props to balance out your body and any misalignment. On the mat, you use your body weight as your resistance. You may find that the equipment offers you more support, especially as a beginner. In short, use both. For optimal results, I recommend using the mat, tower and reformer to feel and see the the difference in your body.

The benefits of doing Pilates are endless but here are the main ones:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved posture
  • Improved pelvic floor strength
  • Better coordination and balance.
  • Prevention of musculoskeletal injuries
  • Improved concentration and body awareness
  • Increased lung capacity and circulation as a result of deep breathing
  • Increase in muscle strength and tone
  • Balanced muscular strength on both sides of your body
  • Improved spinal strength and stabilization of your spine
  • De-stress and improved relaxation.

While Pilates primarily focuses on strength, flexibility, and posture, it can contribute to weight loss indirectly. Regular practice can improve muscle tone, increase metabolism, and enhance overall fitness.

Yes, Pilates includes exercises specifically designed to engage and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These exercises can be beneficial for both men and women, especially for improving bladder control and supporting the lower back.

Powerhouse Pilates studio is a fully equipped Classical Studio. The equipment is as follows:

5 reformers
5 towers
9 leather mats
Foam rollers
Spine correctors
Foot corrector
Toes correctors
Magic circles
Thera bands
Hand weights and Pilates balls

All equipment classes i.e reformer, tower, mixed equipment – on a “pay as you go” basis are €21 and all mat classes are €14. Private sessions 1:1 are €55 and 21 are €80. You can buy a 10-pack of equipment classes (with no expiry) for €189 which gives you 10% off. You can buy a 10-pack of mat classes (with no expiry) for €126 which gives you 10% off.

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Trusted Pilates Experts

Based on 29 reviews
Helen Gurley
Helen Gurley
Very enjoyable and feel great afterwards
Rachelp McKeon
Rachelp McKeon
I'm so grateful for Claire's pilates classes and variety of Mat, Tower and Reformer! They have helped me recover my strength after surgeries and my bone density DXA scan remained the same 4 years later, thanks to these strength classes!
melinda kelly
melinda kelly
Claire is a wonderful teacher extremely knowledgeable, helpful and fun. Without a doubt her classes should be a highlight of anyones week, from young to more mature, male or female her fabulous attitude, enthusiasm and love for what she does brings everyone together to feel uplifted fit and ready to take on the world with well "oiled" hips (if you know, you know!)
Margaret Farrell
Margaret Farrell
Powerhouse Pilates is fantastic ! I really enjoy the classes with Claire. She takes a personal interest in each individual's progress and we have good banter in class. I would highly recommend it.Margot
orla walsh
orla walsh
Claire’s Pilates classes are wonderful. I was recovering from an injury when I first started attending Claire for individual sessions initially and then moved on to group classes. I got stronger so quickly with her expert guidance. She is an amazing teacher, so knowledgeable, so encouraging and has a brilliant sense of humour that makes her class so enjoyable. I look forward to my classes so much every week. Thank you, Claire.
Olivia Seery
Olivia Seery
Claire gives attention to detail and variety with the exercises and I always come away from her classes renewed and relaxed.
Patricia Murray
Patricia Murray
This is a beautiful bright and airy studio. Claire is an excellent teacher with a lovely cheerful disposition. I was a complete novice when I first attended but Claire's guidance and expertise continues to guide me through each step so that I never feel overwhelmed. Highly recommend.
Arleen Mc Donagh
Arleen Mc Donagh
I joined Powerhouse Pilates a year ago with a goal in mind of improving fitness and mobility levels due to injury. I would highly recommend Powerhouse Pilates. Claire is an excellent instructor with a bubbly and encouraging nature. Classes are fun and engaging while also getting a great workout done. Thank you Claire!
Sorcha Dunne
Sorcha Dunne
Claire has a very clear way of explaining the moves and making you feel at ease which makes the class beneficial and enjoyable.
Marie Mooney
Marie Mooney
Really enjoy these classes, great range of exercises for all levels, always some fun to be had