Pilates Tower

Pilates Tower

The Pilates Tower is a vertical unit that uses a variety of attachments to provide a versatile, strength building exercise. These attachments include a Roll-Back Bar, Arm Springs, Leg Springs, and a Push-Through Bar. Paired with the Pilates Tower, they provide a full-body workout through the vertical unit. The Tower creates challenges in a way that allows the body to stretch and strengthen through the exercise that the tower provides. This enables every user to improve their physical ability while improving their strength and core body too. However, with the use of attachments, the Pilates Tower provides a full-body workout putting stress on your joints.

Stretching through a Pilates Tower enables you to exercise and stretch your entire body, enabling you to leave the class feeling lighter on your feet! This is through the focus of the tower, which is to build and work on your full body. When using the Pilates Tower in our studio, we provide a strong & structured workout for all ages and fitness levels. The benefits provided by working out using a Pilates Tower are visible from the first workout!



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